Former US President Barrack Obama [Courtesy]

Former US President Barrack Obama has welcomed the guilty verdict in the George Floyd case saying justice has been done. This is after Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murder and manslaughter in the death of Floyd.

Through a statement, Obama commended the jury in Minneapolis although he noted that true justice is about much more than a single verdict.

“For almost a year, George Floyd's death under the knee of a police officer has reverberated around the world - inspiring murals and marches, sparking conversations in living rooms and new legislation. But a more basic question has always remained: would justice be done?"

"In this case, at least, we have our answer. But if we're being honest with ourselves, we know that true justice is about much more than a single verdict in a single trial,” read the statement in part.

Obama acknowledged that Black Americans were being treated differently day in day out and the fact that most Americans live in fear that their next encounter with law enforcement could be their last. He further stated that the verdict was a step in the right direction but more needs to be done.

“We will need to follow through with the concrete reforms that will reduce and ultimately eliminate racial bias in our criminal justice system. We will need to redouble efforts to expand economic opportunity for those communities that have been too long marginalized,” he said.

The late George Floyd [Courtesy]

Obama also recognized the work done by millions who marched and protested demanding justice for Floyd saying their efforts were not in vain. He sent out his prayers to Floyd’s family, promising to walk with all those committed to ‘guaranteeing every American the full measure of justice that George (Floyd) and so many others have been denied.

Chauvin will be sentenced in eight weeks and will await this while in jail, this is according to Judge Peter Cahill who revoked his bail. He may face up to 40 years in prison for second-degree murder, 25 years for third-degree murder and up to 10 years for manslaughter.

According to CNN, The three other officers (Tou Thao, Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng) facing charges in Floyd's death are expected to be tried together in August.