Wanja, who is from a blend of Australian and Kenyan family is a singer, songwriter, guitarist. Photo: Courtesy.

The younger brother of Hollywood star Lupita Nyong’o, Peter Nyong’o tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Wanja Wahoro at a private ceremony held at Zereniti House, in Limuru on July 30. The Kisumu governor’s son and his wife took their social media platforms to shout to the world that they were finally a couple.

“I will walk for miles to water your roots every single day until you are too tall and impossible for anyone to ignore. My strong steadfast Acacia. Ineffable in stature and beauty. The shade of your branches will always be my refuge,” wrote Junior Nyong’o. Wanja made a beautiful bride wearing a white sleeveless dress and described her newlywed husband as her best friend. “You are a fixed point in my universe, and the best friend I’ve ever known,” she wrote in part.

The Australian-born bride went on to admit that the wedding did not go quite as it was originally planned, but revealed that her big day turned out fine.

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“Not the wedding we planned originally, but ultimately even more perfect and intimate than we could have ever imagined,” she added.

However, Lupita Nyong'o wasn't able to attend the wedding due to coronavirus travels restrictions, so she streamed the ceremony. The 37-year-old star revealed Thursday that she'd watched her little brother's nuptials on her laptop from the comfort of her home. She shared a photo of her viewing setup to Instagram, along with some sweet photos from the low-key wedding.

Wanja permanently relocated to Kenya from Australia three years ago. Photo: Courtesy.

“Yup, he is off the market, folks! Sharing a moment of joy in my family's life when my sweet, gentle, loving baby brother @juniornyongo made his declaration of love to his new bride @wanjawohoro this week,” Lupita wrote.

The Black Panther actress welcomed Wanja to their family saying: “I still cannot believe I was not physically present, but thank God for technology! Welcome to the family, Wanja!”

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In November last year, Junior and Wanja held their engagement ceremony at an undisclosed location in the city after low-key dating.  Wanja, who is from a blend of Australian and Kenyan family (her dad is Kenyan and mum Australian) is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and freelance writer. She previously spoke on how they met saying: “We met at a New Year’s event in 2015. It’s super long distance, but he’s always the person I send ideas and songs to because he’s also musical. He’s biased but also critical enough to give me pointers. He’s excited for things I do and very supportive.”

She permanently relocated to Kenya from Australia three years ago.