Jackline Wolper and Ringtone [Photo: Ringtone/Instagram]

Controversial Kenyan gospel singer Ringtone, born Alex Apoko, has pulled in Tanzanian actress Jackline Wolper for a new song.

Confirming the news, Ringtone shared that he got emotional when recording the song that tucked in the fashion stylist once associated with singer Diamond Platnumz.

A video he shared on his page featured a cameo by Wolper against a backdrop of Ringtone's placard that has come to be associated with his one-man march in the hunt for a ‘perfect wife.’

Natafuta Bibi has already garnered over  37,000 views, a day after it was shared on YouTube. 

So, has he found a wife in Wolper?

Definitely not, but, his fans think that it is a huge statement from the singer who bills himself as the richest artist in Kenya.

Some bashed him for traversing the country in the now visibly choreographed stunt that was to culminate in a song.

"Content ya ngoma ikiisha mtu huanza kuseek relevance hivi? Really?" Posed Larry_memes.

"Hii tusumbuliwa yote kumbe ni kiki za wimbo mpya,but nice song," added Berylnabby.

LonziSammy noted, "Sasa hii ime anza kubore, yani una tafuta views on you tube na kutudanganya una tafuta bibi."

Others, however, praised the singer on his versatility and thirst to put out quality, soulful work.

"I’m watching yesterday is me happy me smile is gooooood," cheered Silvatutu

"If Wolper was able to keep up in this video I am pretty sure you’ll get a wife soon," added _s.h.a.s.t.a

On Sunday, June 23, Ringtone went on a ‘wife hunting crusade' to Jubilee Christian Church (JCC), Nairobi but was allegedly stopped by security as he hawked his heart out to churchgoers exiting the megachurch.