Brain Freeze

Popular mathree plying Ongata Rongai dubbed Brain Freeze has been put on the spot because of its ill-mannered crew.

Apparently, they insult and mishandle passengers.

James Kirwa told Ma3 Culture that on June 7, he had boarded the mathree heading to Rongai.

He claims that one of the passengers fainted and instead of helping him, the crew started insulting everyone.

“The matatu was carrying excess passengers and it was a bit stuffy. We were all shocked when one of the lady passenger fainted. We requested the driver to stop so that we could give her first aid, but they resorted to insulting us,” says Kirwa, adding, “Luckily, we managed to alert traffic police around T-Mall who intervened and the young lady was given first aid. The crew really angered us.”

Brain-Freeze, you said?