King Kaka and Maxwell Simba of The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind fame.

King Kaka has joined a host of Kenyan celebrities who have given a shot at acting. His debut appearance on the big screen in the must-watch Majuto web series. Joining other seasoned actors like Monica Wairimu, Maxwell Simba of The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind fame, Wakini Njoroge and Keith Chuaga, Kaka opens the series with his signature rap flow telling a story of a young man who is faced with serious choices to make.

Here are three reasons why Majuto is a must watch web series.


The Majuto web series is an all-Kenyan produced, written, directed and casted.

According to Michael Jones who recently won the Machaa Wood film competition, the film industry has been crying out for a true Kenyan story.

“More is yet to come and African productions are on demand,” said Elijah Girimani, the executive producer and Tanashati Communication CEO, who also cited the example of Netflix Africa’s recent launch of Queen Sono which is still trending among Kenyan Netflix users and also features Sauti Sol on the soundtrack.

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Rap opera production

It’s the first rap opera production in Africa! Combining his excellent storytelling skills, writing, poetry and acting, King Kaka will go down history as the first artist in Africa to mix rap, acting and poetry in a visual production, following in the footsteps of R Kelly, De Storm and UK’s Rapman famously known for his Shiro’s story. King Kaka didn’t disappoint in his debut acting gig.


Majuto is the first Kenyan production with a counter- violent extremism theme. Kenyan audiences are familiar with international movies and series that address the issue of violent extremism like The Bodyguard,24, and others. Majuto is a story of a young man faced with serious life choices to make.

After suffering a series of misfortunes he is left to decide if joining a violent extremist group to eke a living and gain retribution for perceived injustices that befell him. Robert Ndwiga and Girimani, the executive producers of the Majuto web series intimated that a movie is the cards following a big buzz on the Majuto web series.

The premiere of Majuto is set to take place at iMAX Anga, Panari Hotel along Mombasa road on March 6, 2020.