Jimmy Gait [Photo: Instagram @jimmygaitofficial]

In moments of human vulnerability, a song is never far out of mind as coronavirus pandemic has shown.

A week after the government announced cases of coronavirus in the country, gospel musician Jimmy Gait hit the studios to produce a song about the pandemic.

The song, adding to many produced by other artists, has already attracted more than 37,000 views on YouTube.

The message of hope amid the disease outbreak is timely.

“Corona you are such a threat to the world but it shall be okay, it shall be okay if we look up to God,” goes the lyrics of the song by Jimmy Gait whose real name is James Ngaita.

In the 3 minutes 51 seconds video of the song, Jimmy Gait sings about a friend who lost her husband to coronavirus.

In the video, a friend identified as Akinyi and who recently got married abroad, calls Jimmy Gait and informs him that her husband had succumbed to coronavirus related complications.

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The musician regrets that Akinyi did not have time to enjoy the marriage after coronavirus snatched her husband.

Devastating effects

He says despite the devastating effects of coronavirus, it shall be well if we trust in God and prevent the spread of the virus.

Jimmy Gait [Photo: Instagram @jimmygaitofficial]

The video was uploaded on YouTube on March 13.

Jimmy Gait calls on the public to exercise strict hygiene to prevent the disease.

Another artist Malachi Asande has also released a song about coronavirus.

Asande, in the six minutes and 47 seconds video of the song, Coronavirus, asks God to protect the country from the disease which continues to claim lives globally.

Since March 3 when the song was posted on YouTube it has attracted 3,000 views.

The musician asks the public to turn to God in the face of the devastating virus.

He says only divine intervention can save the world from coronavirus.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced that today will be national prayer day at a time when countries are facing lockdown as the virus spreads.

Upcoming artist Danny P has also produced a song on coronavirus.

The song, Kolona, warns over the deadly effects of the disease. The musician asks God to save the country from the pandemic.

The track released on March 5 has received 132,000 views on YouTube.

Danny P also appeals to the President to stop entry of foreigners from nations that have confirmed coronavirus cases.

Danny P [Photo: Instagram @dannypmboka]

And, how do you get people to take personal hygiene seriously in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic? Music and dance.

With the whole world almost at a standstill over the rapid spread of coronavirus to 125 countries, Africans are inspiring their continent with music and dance in an attempt to beat the virus.

People are turning to fun, catchy songs to promote practices like social distancing and proper hand-washing.

The Ndlovu Youth Choir in South Africa is making waves on social media with a song preaching preventive measures for coronavirus.

In less than two minutes, the group dressed in brightly coloured traditional attire sings and dances while advising Africans in English and Zulu not to panic, to wash their hands and to avoid touching their faces.

“There are already many dangerous myths and misunderstandings about the Coronavirus/Covid-19.

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We would like to assist by sharing a short video where we explain some basic guidelines,” the group tweeted about the music video.

“Wash your hands, don’t touch your face...we will beat corona. Don’t panic. Don’t spread rumours,” the lyrics say.

The choir is famous for its colourful performances at the 2019 America’s Got Talent, where they made it to the final round of the show and won the hearts of many Africans.

Ndlovu Youth Choir [Photo: Instagram @choirafrica]

Rap music has not been left out in the fight against coronavirus. A Ghanaian doctor in China, Dr Percy Akuetteh, recorded a hip-hop song in Mandarin discussing symptoms of coronavirus.

According to local media, Akuetteh, currently a PhD student at Wenzhou Medical University, is part of a three-man African band and spends his free time composing music.

In the song, released in February, Akuetteh urges the world not to give up but to continue fighting until the disease is eventually conquered.

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He also explains the symptoms and effects of the virus.

“I heard of this new coronavirus spreading at the speed of light. Breathing in this virus will give you pneumonia for free, maybe no obvious symptoms for 14 days. The next step is high body temperature, sneezing, sore throat, difficulty in breathing,” he raps.

Zion Christian Church (ZCC) members are also using humour and music to deal with the outbreak in South Africa, which currently has at least 62 cases.

A video of the group singing and dancing to a song about coronavirus surfaced on social media.

In the song the say “coronavirus, e feditse setshaba” which translates loosely to “coronavirus has killed many people.”