Comedian and radio presenter Francis Kibe alias Rapcha the Sayantist has shared a heart-breaking tale of his battle with alcoholism.

On Sunday, the Hot 96 presenter revealed an ‘ugly’ alcoholism story before he became a teetotaller.

“My kids used to wipe vomit from my mouth... It was ugly, it was a bad life and I changed it,” he wrote.

According to Rapcha, quitting alcohol is the best decision he’s ever made.

“Stopped drinking for good and decided to focus on my body, food and my career... It's the best decision I ever made ... I give thanks for life and everyone supporting me,” he wrote.

Battling addiction

In March, Rapcha came out saying that he had been drinking alcohol on a daily basis for the past 7 years.

While admitting he’d lost his way, Rapcha reached out to Kenyans to support his bid to re-join comedy.

“I have been practically drunk for over 7 years of the last ten, everyday…I ain’t doing that s*** no more not because am a good person or saved.

“10 years ago I made history by making the first-ever stand-up comedy special on Kenyan soil. I wanna do it again and getting 100 people who understand comedy is no easy task, that’s why I’m writing this post.

“I only need 100 people and I will do it for the love of it, please help me get 100 people by sharing this post with your friends.

“I don’t wanna be dead and people start saying I was a good stand-up comedian and making the s*** trend on Twitter saying he was good but he got lost.

“I need your support and help today while am still breathing and kicking, am down but not out, am reaching out.”