A bloodied Wajir women rep Fatuma Gedi following an alleged attack by Wajir East MP Rashid Kassim.

Police have arrested Wajir East MP Rashid Kassim over the alleged assault of Wajir women representative Fatuma Gedi.

Reports indicate Gedi was left with a bloodied mouth following an unprovoked attack by the MP on Thursday at parliament buildings.

 According witness accounts, Gedi, who sits in the Budget Committee was accused by Kassim of failing to allocate funds to his constituency.

“I was just walking with my colleague [Gladys] Wanga when he accosted me and started calling me stupid and within minutes he punched me on the cheek," narrated Gedi.

Following the incident, Gedi filed a complaint at the office of the speaker and Parliament police station resulting in Kassim’s arrest.

“That matter has been reported to me and Parliament police station and I have given instructions that criminals cannot be harboured in Parliament.

“It has been ruled before by previous Speakers, that Parliament cannot be a sanctuary for criminals,” he added.

Even if you disagree with a fellow member, it should remain like that, a disagreement, it cannot be an excuse to engage in criminal activities,” said the speaker.

Female MPs walk out

Following the shocking incident, female legislators walked out of parliament in protest.

Kenyans on social media also expressed furore over the incident: