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Elizabeth Maritim is yet to come to terms with the death of her daughter Joylene Chepkurui Chepkwony and her three children burned to death by their father in Kaptoboiti village, Belgut constituency. 

She recounted events of April 3, 2015, when Ernest Chepkwony, 40, stormed the compound at 6:30am carrying a jerry can of petrol and went straight into a house where his estranged wife and the children were sleeping. 

He doused the family with petrol and set them ablaze. 

Chepkwony also died during the incident which wiped out the family of five. 

Chepkurui’s elder brother Philip Misik said the tragic event left his aging mother traumatised. 

“Sometimes she gets lost in her own thoughts and wonders loudly why Chepkurui and her children had to die and we have to console her telling her that she is now in a safe place in heaven together with her children,” he said. 

Mr Misik revealed that after the burial they struggled to pay Sh150,000 bill left behind at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital by two nephews who suffered extensive burns during the incident.

“As a family we really had to struggle for a long time to offset the hospital bill,” he said. 

He praised his late sister’s bravery saying she fought her way out of the burning house with her first and second born child who were on fire, and dashed back for the three-month-old baby who the father had held tightly in his arms.