Dr Ofweneke and Nicah have cordially addressed their breakup and like mature adults.

After parting ways two years ago due to allegations of physical abuse and cheating, Nicah revealed during a recent interview that she would support her ex once he finds himself a good woman to marry.

This comes after Dr Ofweneke made it known that despite enjoying his marriage to the pretty gospel artist, he would like to marry again.

“I don’t regret my past because there is a beautiful baby involved. It was good when it lasted and I enjoyed my marriage, but I will marry again when the right time comes,” said Dr Ofweneke responding to Nicah’s earlier comment saying that she would never go back to him.

“Nicah and I talk, but we basically talk about our children and nothing more. We are in good terms because of the children but whatever she is doing with her life, that I respect even if I don’t know what she does,” he said.

Now that it has been laid out on paper that a reconciliation will never happen, Nicah, real name Veronica Wanja revealed to Pulse that she would be on the front line in a stunning dress to witness and congratulate her ex when he says ‘I do.’

“I mean there were both good things and bad things in our relationship and that means you don’t write everything off even after you move on. We have babies who should not be affected by all this and that is why you should throw your differences aside for the sake of babies. If he decides to wed today, I would let baby be his flower girl and I would be there wearing my best dress to witness and congratulate him,” she said.


“Honestly, I pray that whoever he marries understands that we have children and that she should respect that fact. Children are always innocent and they should not be subjected to the issues of parents separating. Besides, Ofweneke and I are co-parenting and that will always be. However, I would want him to get himself a loving woman who understands,” Nicah said.

Nicah has two daughters. One from a previous relationship and one she got with the comedian.