Patrick Lumumba during hearing of presidential petition
  • PLO Lumumba is a lawyer representing Independent Election and Boundaries Commission chairman Mr Wafula Chebukati.
  • His style of presentation was criticized, satirized and praised in equal measure as internet users expressed their views  

As soon as PLO Lumumba stood to address the Supreme Court judges at the ongoing presidential case, the court room lit, lawyers became alert and the internet jammed with numerous comments.

While defending the chairman of Independent Election and Boundaries Commission, Mr Wafula Chebukati, PLO Lumumba likened the role of IEBC during the elections as that of a midwife.

“We delivered a baby, that baby is alive and well, you are being asked to strangle the baby! Decline, the baby is alive and well,” he submitted.

“….Of small things the law knows no cure, “ he would throw a jab.

As he got deeper into his submission, the words became hefty. Kenyans on Twitter were quick to express their opinion on the lawyer’s diction and style of presentation.

Some expressed their disappointment with ‘his stand’ while others simply made fun of the situation coming up with hilarious lines and memes to entertain the netizens.