Things to avoid on your first day at work. (Courtesy) 

You got through the interview and you are now gainfully employed. That was the hard part, surely? Well, not particularly. First impressions are important in all spheres of life, but nowhere more so than on your first day of work. Here are some of the things you must avoid on your first day on the job:

Tardiness: Being late on your first day is a sure way to create a negative impression. It does not say much for your ability to handle the demands of the job if you cannot plan to be on time. Go out of your way to be punctual.

Forgetting names: Naturally, you will meet several people around the office. Shake hands. Pay attention when introductions are being made. No one likes to be asked ‘what was your name again?’ more than once.

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Informal speech: Yes, you have mastered the flighty slang of the millennials. You speak all the cool varieties of Sheng’. On your first day, listen to your colleagues and match your speech to theirs. To be safe, speak formally, until an informal rapport is established.

Disappearing into your phone: It is understandable that you have developed that attachment to your phone. We live in a very social world after all. But when you show up for work, resist the urge to check your phone. It closes you off from people and makes you seem standoffish.

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Being afraid to ask: Whether it’s directions to the bathroom, or help with work, do not hesitate to ask for direction. Do not take it upon yourself to do something you do not understand; get help, so you are able to do it on your own next time.