An expensive Valentine's Day dinner. (Courtesy)

Valentine's Day is here with us again. People are rushing around, trying to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Some people like simple gifts, as long as they are thoughtful and given with love. Others, however, won't appreciate gifts that aren't extravagant.

Some Kenyan men like to express their love by spoiling their lovers with fancy gifts. These men are not millionaires or billionaires. They are just ordinary Kenyan citizens who choose to save up months so they can surprise their women and mothers of their kids with special gifts during Valentine's Day. Here are some of the things some men have revealed they are spending their money on as presents this Valentine's.

Trips Abroad

Some men have planned to surprise their women with tickets to faraway destinations. Some of these destinations are within the country and relatively cheaper, while others are abroad. Even though it may look like money is pouring from their pockets, that's not the case. Some saved up money in the months leading up to Valentine's and made this happen with average monthly salaries. There are some very affordable destinations within the country.

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This is the go-to gift for most men when thinking of gifts for their significant others. They include necklaces, rings, watches, and earrings that may have been bought locally or shipped from abroad.

Expensive phones

Some men have decided to settle on phones as the perfect gift for their girlfriends, wives, and fiancées. The brands and specifics depend on what the woman will mostly use that phone for. Some will go for iPhones and Samsung phones above Sh90, 000.

Cars and Houses

Extremely extravagant men have settled on cars and houses as the perfect gifts for their women. Some have revealed that these things were long-term family goals, and they have saved up for them for years and will surprise their wives with them.

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Dinner at expensive hotels

Dinners or lunches at expensive hotels is a common one during valentines. Even though some men would never take their women to such hotels regularly, they usually step up their game when valentines or anniversaries come.

At the end of the Day, it does not matter how expensive or cheap a gift is. All that matters is the fact that it's given with love by a person you love too. If someone puts in a lot of effort to gift you something thoughtful, the least you can do is appreciate their efforts and give them something nice too. Don't compare gifts your man gives you with those other men have given their women, for comparison is the thief of joy.