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I know I am late to the party (I have been on a social media hiatus), but I have just watched the infamous ‘Imenti House’ viral video in which a woman and her virile young lover are getting it on in what appears to be a clothing store.

The most interesting thing about the whole incident for me is how this poor woman was being crucified by the internet for having a great sex life. I am guessing you prudes only have sex in the bedroom, at night, and in the missionary position. Pfft!

You don’t know what you are missing! Life is too short to have a mediocre sex life. There is more to sex than the bedroom. Switch things up by having sex in the following unconventional places;

The kitchen counter: 

If you still don’t want to leave the house to get it on, then I recommend the kitchen, specifically the kitchen counter. Of course, you would have to make sure that no one else is in the house and no one is going to barge in unexpectedly.

Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be if your kids caught you in the act? Also, ensure that the blinds or curtains are closed, lest you give an unsuspecting neighbour or passer-by an eyeful of you and your partner in the throes of passion.

In the office:

If there is one thing these amorous soap operas have taught me, it is that office sex is hot! I can’t wait to marry a hot, rich executive and start having a go at it on his office desk. Turn up the heat in your relationship this New Year by visiting your partner in his or her office on their lunch break and have sex in the office. Don’t forget to lock the door!

In the car:

Anyone who is even a little bit sexually adventurous has had sex in the car. It is different, fun and not as risky as other places. Simply park your car in a private area and hop in the back seat for a few minutes of fun. The front seat can also make for some interesting positions.

In a jacuzzi or swimming pool:

Night-time skinny-dip anyone? If you have a private pool or a private jacuzzi, why not jump in there for a steamy love session. It doesn’t get any more romantic than this. Get creative with so many positions to try.

Let me just add that I know how people rave about the mile-high club, but I have been on planes enough times to know that it is not realistic. First of all, there is no way you can have sex on an airplane seat without the people around you noticing (unless of course you are on one of those first-class private suites).

So, unless you are the type of freak who likes to get watched while having sex, that option is off the table. Secondly, plane lavatories are unbelievably tiny.

I barely get enough room to manoeuvre around to do my business, so I really wonder how two grown adults can manage to fit in there and engage in a mid-flight tryst.