In life everyone wants a partner in life and that is how nature defines it. Many a times we meet people in our daily encounters and before we realize we're into something. 

These are the days when that gentleman or a lady sitting beside you in a matatu may turn out to be the father or the mother of your children. The same maybe on social media where there is this guy or a lady stalking you, liking every picture you upload or comments you post. They follow you, check on your profile after all they may invite you for a lunch, dinner or supper to grab something and be able to know each other well.

However there is this issue no matter how small it is, matters a lot. Religion. Each one of us have that religion that defines our relationship with God. At times it is the only place we get consoled and pardoned our sins by his Almighty father. It may be Catholic, Dini ya Musambwa, Islam, Hindu just to name a few. Funny enough love doesn’t know these boundaries, it will maneuver and the moment you realise you're already in love. These are the matters of the heart that should be handled cautiously.

How many of us do reason about the whole idea or even take things slow? No one and if they are, few. The reality starts to dawn on us and haunt when religion becomes a stumbling block. This is when you know that she is a Muslim or a protestant who won't be ready to sacrifice her religion.

Many a times some men and women will take a risk. However the question is why are they defecting? Because of Jack or Alice. Tomorrow when the relationship is soiled will you retreat back to your previous religion? We should not be letting emotions supersede our brains. Be who you're no one will ever judge you. Being artificial beings denies our ability to face reality and instead live under deception.

We've heard and seen many couples staying together but are allied to different religions. If they agreed well on the matter they make the best couple.