Every time a man goes tothe kitchen, and not to fetch a cold drink from the fridge but cook, it’s asight to behold. These men are feminists. It’s only that they don't ambush uswith pictures of food everywhere. Why they have been forgotten again isbecause they don't bring our social media walls down with many uselesscaptions.


Forget men who open cardoors, pull chairs for their women and buy chocolates. These men are just copycats of what they see Kina Alehandro do in soaps. The true chivalry is in hisability to cook and still remain intrepid and in control. These men are not tobe confused with henpecked men who cook because they fear their women. Such menare to be pitied. A press release on their state will be out soon.


Men who cook areconfident of their masculinity. They are not needy men. It suffices to saythey have relationships for companionship and not to enslave women to cook forthem. Such men will cook when their women are working late. They won't have aproblem serving meals when their women are seated on the sofa selecting thechannel with the best soap. Of course it’s KTN. They know cooking and servingmeals won't make them lesser men.


On the other hand, menwho shy away from the kitchen as though it's an area prone to an earthquake areso needy. They are men who will eat everything in the kitchen, empty the wholefridge and even scrap the ice crystals from the side of the fridge out of hunger.Most of them look down upon amazing men who cook. They imagine cooking is sissyand beneath them. Such men will insist that a woman knows how to cook beforethey can consider her for marriage. I think it's just taking themselves tooseriously.


Men can cook anythingthey like. They can use gastronomy; have recipe books; cook meat, pilau and alltraditional dishes. But why is pilau overrated? A meal that makes kina Fatumaimagine they are top chefs. Just because they can add food colour to rice, meatthen spice it to produce a sweet "aroma". We should get over thispilau obsession. It’s just rice and tiny brownish stony like pieces of meat.


Darlings who cook shouldlet us women cook chapatis. Let them for once be needy since they would wish toeat chapati but we are not around. Let them wait with exe (damn! not that manwho lied that they can't live without us but wheat flour) till we return fromthe market. Let men be mesmerized by our soft, brown and layered chapatis. Itwould be nice if they add that; the last time they tried, they cooked mabati-likechapatis. If men cook but leave chapatis to women, peace at home and peace inthe world will be realised.