Most beautiful women have a trail of failed relationships. It’s ironical considering how they are eye candies and can attract potential mates. However, all that glitters is not gold. Many factors are at play here, namely:

1. Tabia. Uzuri wa mwanamke sio urembo ni tabia, we have heard this countless times. Pretty women lead the pack of manner less women. Their vices include but not limited to: unfaithfulness, poor housekeepers (they can't do dishes, wash or mop the floor because their nails will break), nagging and a severe case of madharau. Men will cross oceans to be with them but once they are bombarded with stinky tabias, they say goodbye.

2. Self-absorption. This vice is common among beautiful women. They never see the world beyond themselves. It’s a ‘me myself and I’ situation. They can never put anybody above themselves. They want everybody to worship the shaky ground they trod. Men, I am told, flee from self-absorbed pretty women.

3. Selectiveness. Who cheated pretty women that a man has to be tall, dark, handsome and financially stable? They can't settle for anything less. That’s why they will cling unto a married man or any unavailable man in the hope that he will leave "his ugly wife “for them. They reject that short uneducated man, the tall but not handsome man and all men who don't drive their ideal car. They end up saying things like "there are no men, all are taken".

4. Maintaining their figure. You will be astonished to learn that not all women look forward to child bearing. They look at it as a bad thing that can ever happen to them. The flat tummy, ideal weight and the curves have to be perfect. While men appreciate beauty in a woman, children make them whole. Refusing to bear him kids in the name of remaining hot is crap.

5. Spoilt for choice. You will never believe the kind of men who hit on pretty women; the boss at the office, strange admirers on social media, the pilot with a local airline, the aircraft engineer, married men, eligible bachelors and all childhood friends. You will imagine that she will choose the best out of this endless list. But surprise! surprise! She will fall for a scumbag on the list. Instead of going for character which lasts a lifetime, she will settle for money and looks. Few years down the line, she will be holding the baby and the man will be long gone.