People say that women are complicated than men when it comes to sex, that is very true. There are moments when a woman is just not in the mood to have sex and there is nothing a man can do about it. The following are instances when women don’t want to have sex;

Lack of trust

If a woman starts mistrusting the man while they are in a relationship, the libido can easily go down. Women are more emotionally connected to sex than men. When a woman realizes that his man is cheating or rather is suspicious, the mood for having sex will go down.

Lack of chemistry

Chemistry is when a man and woman can easily connect both physically and emotionally. When there is no chemistry between the man and the woman, the urge for the woman to have sex fades away as well.


When a woman is depressed or stressed about something, she cannot even think about sex. Depression can come about when the woman has lost someone they love or something they cherish like a job. When a woman is depressed she feels helpless, worthless and hopeless. In this moment, sex is usually the last thing on her mind.

Poor general health

Health is very important when it comes to determining the sex mood of a woman. If the general health of a woman is not good, it can lower the woman’s libido. Women are more vulnerable to getting sick than men and that is why the female sex drive can be at times lower than that of the male.

Excessive alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol tends to lower a woman’s libido. Consuming too much alcohol and taking a lot of drugs can put off a woman.  A night of excessive drinking and drug taking can really affect the urge of a woman when it comes to sex.