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Did someone send bedbugs for rituals?

Ask someone who’s had the experience of bedbug infestation; the answer will be the worst experience ever. The mistake of transferring unknowingly one bedbug will cost you your sleep and social life.

The excruciating pain when it bites you and the bad smell that comes when you pop up one is not what you will wish on anyone and the worst part is that after countless time of calling the pest control guys or buying pest control chemicals, it seems to be a waste of time and money in the end.

It is not different at Mukuru Kwa Njenga, residents near Kwa Bora Trust have had their fair share of the bedbugs infestation. They've tried traditional methods of tackling them by basking their furniture and mattresses, using hot water at the places where they feel the bedbugs are concentrated and also getting the pest control items to no avail and now they are tired of the pests and are calling for prayers.

 “We’ve decided to call for prayers because this isn’t usual, it seems someone wants to get rich quick and has sent the bedbugs for rituals.” said Mama Blair (not real name)

 Liz, a close neighbor to Mama Blair added that or maybe it is a curse for the things they’ve done.

“These bedbugs have stuck here no matter what we try.”

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