Residents of Chengo village, Butula Sub-County Busia County are in for a rude shock after a man allegedly impregnated his own daughter. The man 38, had been so close to his daughter and he had previously been visiting her at Rehema Academy in Mumias town where his daughter has been learning. Sources further reveal that he used to take advantage of the situation taking her to guest house.

His daughter became worried after she realized that she was expectant. She secretly sought the advice from her mother who opted for abortion. This was done using middle wives in the village.  Since the abortion was done two months in pregnancy there arose complications. Unfortunately placenta didn’t come out as expected. This is where unexpected happened.

According to Luhya culture it’s mandatory for any expectant woman to state the biological father or else the placenta won’t come out. As such the girl was compelled to reveal the identity of the father. That is when she revealed that her father was the man. This left her family members in awe of shock. In disbelief his wife left complaining of unfaithfulness by her estranged husband and the shame she had brought to the family.

It took the intervention of mother in-law who sought the advice of elders to save the collapsing family. The wife has vowed not to come back until the issue is amicably solved. The girl has now become a laughing stock in the village which depresses her every moment she appears in public. The man has vanished since revelation of such shameful act to unknown destination.