P-square brothers hint at settling rift ahead of their 40th birthday

By Davis Muli | 6 months ago
The P-Square brothers Paul and Peter.

P-Square, the defunct music duo consisting of Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye, may soon make a grand comeback. This is after the twins hinted that they were on a journey to iron out their differences.

If social media posts are anything to go by, the two brothers may have called a truce and will hopefully hit the studio soon. It started with the two brothers, who had unfollowed each other on social media, following each other on Instagram.

A quick tour of their profiles confirmed that the siblings had indeed followed each other after a long period when they started airing their dirty linen in public.


The video seemed to have excited netizens who camped at the comment section, rooting for a grand reunion of the two brothers who fell apart publicly in 2016. "As it should be! Those children are innocent and should not be caught up in any drama. Family first," wrote an Instagram user @Eddiemadaki.

Earlier, Paul had urged social media users to stop meddling in their family affairs, saying his brother should also stop feeding people information about their troubles.


A post shared by Mr P (@peterpsquare)

"I am a family man and sometimes when I see issues going to the media, I will be like I wish one person can just zip it. You know why? People will get tired but you see when you talk, you know. I think we have rested ... and we are the highest, even 'Boys II men no reach that level," he said.

Talking about his fallout with Peter, Paul revealed that deep family issues triggered their separation.

"Whatever happened is just a thing of choice. Try and respect people that wake up one day and say they do not want to do anymore. Okay, and like I always tell people, family problems are nobody's business to know. It is unfortunate that P-Square had to pay the price for it," he said. ?

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