Performers Rights Association of Kenya. (Courtesy)

Locticians, barbers and hairdressers have protested what they said is harassment by the Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK)?. 

Through their president, Steve Roots, they said the collective management organisation has been collecting huge sums from their members, regardless of their location.

"It is not fair to charge a beautician in Garissa county the same rate you charge one in Nairobi's CBD. We would like PRISK and KAMP (Kenya Association of Music Producers) to have a meeting with our board members and discuss this matter and reduce the rates significantly based on area code. Otherwise, we will operate in a slow mode until our interests are met. Business is low and we have families to feed," he said.

Meanwhile, Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has been holding sessions with the creative and beauty industry to discuss matters concerning their royalty collection and charges.

The Performers Rights Society of Kenya held its 11th annual General meeting in April this year virtually due to the pandemic outbreak and there has been effort among members to iron out numerous issues surrounding their operations. 

"All our members are asking for fairness. We are demanding that the rates they charge be reduced by 50 per cent. People (are) using the opportunity to harass us and this has to come to an end." Steve insists that there's a need to call for an urgent meeting to sort out these issues. "We have members countrywide and the issues that they have raised need to be addressed failure to which we will take action."