Zari spends night in Diamond’s mansion

By Davis Muli | 3 months ago
Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz.

South Africa-based Ugandan Socialite Zarina Hassan, popularly known as Zari, is in Tanzania. Two of her children accompanied the mother of five who jetted into the country reportedly two days ago. 

It is believed that Zari took her kids, Tiffah and Nilan, to visit their father. However, what caught their fans' attention is that Zari reportedly spent the night at Diamond's mansion during her visit.

In a series of videos posted on Instagram, Zari was captured having a good time with the Bongo singer in his house a day after she jetted in from South Africa. This comes barely less than a year since Zari first visited Diamond after their public break-up in 2018.

Zari spotted in Diamond's house.

During her first visit, Zari was warmly welcomed by Diamond. However, she was quick to point out that her visit was purely for their kids' sake, as she wanted them to bond with their celebrity father.

When questioned about spending the night at Diamond's residence, Zari insisted that her sole goal was to have her kids bond with their father, adding that even though they might not share a roof, they are actively co-parenting.

In her last visit, Zari clarified that she was not dating Diamond, arguing that Africans have no clue about co-parenting.

"Whether I stay with him or at the hotel it's okay. Even if I stay with him at home it doesn't mean that anything will happen. I'm just here to bring the kids to visit him. If there is one thing as Africans we don't understand, it's what's co-parenting, naweza kuja hata if he got somebody because it's home for the kids regardless of what happened between us," she added.

"We are not back together; there is a lot of things happening on social media, lakini for me I brought the kids because their father wanted to see them. He wasn't able to come see them because he has a lot of things lined up. I'm doing this for the kids. The kids missed him but it was mostly him. I mean, he hasn't seen them for the last two years. This was mostly for him to spend time with the kids," she said.

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