Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi [Courtesy]

American-Nigerian actor, singer and model Rotimi has gifted his Tanzanian Fiancé Vanessa Mdee a brand-new 2021 black range rover car. Taking to social media, Vanessa disclosed that she was beyond excited when Rotimi handed her the keys to her new car.

“Capital G-O-D, when he hands you over the keys to your brand new 2021 Range,” she wrote.

On the other hand, Rotimi also shared the same photos of the car and expressed his gratitude to Vanessa and acknowledged the efforts his team have put in place to ensure he is successful. While at it, Rotimi revealed that the car was his first-ever brand-new car he has ever bought.

Born Olurotimi Akinosho, Rotimi also added that the new car was a result of his consistency and a symbol of never giving up despite difficulties.

“This is my first car. So, it’s a blessing right now. This is the product of starving and distractions; this is the product of doing things the right way. It is a product of making quality products, music, being a good human, God, spirituality. It’s a product of doing what you say you’re going to do. I’m very proud of me and my team,” he said.

However, while flaunting the car on social media, Vanessa displayed a baby’s shoe placed at the back of the car. This fueled rumors that the songstress could have given birth hence the car gift or she is currently pregnant.

About a week ago, she came out to clear the air regarding the unverified reports. Sharing on social media, Vanessa distanced herself from the rumours and warned those spreading them to stop as they were scaring her mother.

"I don't have a baby yoo…you are freaking my mother out. Mama wa Watu yuko zake Arusha mnaanza kumpanikisha tu bure kwamba nimezaa. Aliyewaambia nimezaa ni nani? Nani amewambia nimezaa Nani kawambia?" said Vanessa Mdee.