Bottom line, when a woman hits on you, you should be the one to draw the line, not her.

I never knew how predatory Kenyan women could be until I dated a foreigner, a white man. He was not the retirees prowling Nairobi entertainment joints for easy women but was young and good-looking with an athletic body.

The problem was that he attracted predatory women like mosquitoes! I suspect he wouldn’t have gotten the same amount of attention had he been black.

That Kenyan women are obsessed with white men is not a secret. But just how obsessed? I was about to find out. I once delayed for a date due to some unforeseen circumstances, when I arrived, I could see the relief on his face as I made my way to the bar.

He told me that while he was waiting for me, he had been approached by six different women offering him company.

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Most of them would not take ‘no, thank you,’ for an answer.

He told me how they were persistent even after they were turned down.

One particular bold one, he said, told him that she would be much better company than the woman he was waiting for. I realised most of the ladies, the decent ones, backed off when they saw me around but it had not ended yet.

At some point during the date, I excused myself to go to the washrooms and a lady who I sensed was eyeing my man-made her move. She wrote her name and number on a piece of paper, casually walked over to him and slipped it into his hands then walked out of the bar.

Thankfully, my boyfriend shared it with me and we had a good laugh about it.

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Well, I have had women hitting on my boyfriends in the past but not with the frequency they did to the Caucasian love. Most of the time I didn’t have to do anything because he would be quick to turn down the advances and let the women know that he was taken.

Other times I was tempted to knock some sense into these women.

So, what should you do if you find yourself in such a situation? First of all, if you have a good man, you wouldn’t have to do anything at all.  If you find yourself constantly having to ask women to back off from your man, he is the problem. He could be encouraging it.

Bottom line, when a woman hits on you, you should be the one to draw the line, not her.