When the political winds are southerly, I easily tell a hawk from a handsaw. Like Shakespeare’s Hamlet says, “I am but mad north-north-west.” Generally, when the wind is northerly, one has difficulties telling birds apart. Much more specifically when the wind is north-north-west, the task is much more difficult. The hunter, the bird and the sun are in direct line. If you are the hunter, you can never tell the birds trooping-by apart.

When the wind is flowing south, however, the sun is on the hunter’s back. He can tell the birds apart quite well, if he knows them.

Kenyan political winds have been flowing south since 2013 when the first election under the new constitution were held. From the day our “dynamic duo”- charged with crimes against humanity- were cleared to run to rule the same humanity, the winds started flowing south. You could see clearly.

The “tyranny of numbers” theory was amplified and publicized early enough and only the ignorant and less-discerning expected different results than what we got in 2013 polls. Quite early enough, the people- and institutions too- were mentally prepared for “assured victory” and everything else was to simply fall into place.

For them, the whole essence of a democratic political contest was all about cobbling powerful ethnic alliances and commanding escorts. The rest of the stuff- manifestos, campaigns and values- were lullaby songs. From the day our “three musketeers’ responded in kind and cobbled up a competing and equally threatening ethnic alliance, it was confirmed that indeed the wind was flowing south.

They too, had no genuine transformative agenda for the country and would have gambled and garbled on everything in the same manner of the dynamic duo. From the first days of election petition filing to the day the launched “Okoa Kenya” and to now, the musketeers have wallowed in miasma of utter confusion. They have never moved on from the 2013 poll loss.

For both sides, the factors have remained constant- The dynamic duo continue to play poker with the country’s present and future while the three musketeers regale in their ‘pata potea’ thing. Was anyone surprised that one of the sides has flung and continues to fling the people into 2022 political discourse? Haven’t the two top honchos on that side said as much, that their plan is to strangle the country up to 2032 bila huruma?

For the umpteenth time last week, State House- through its versatile and dynamic Presidential Strategic and Communication Unit (PSCU) confirmed that the 2022 ticket, comprised of two leading ethnic blocs, is done and sealed. Rather than acknowledge the PSCU for staying true to the arrogant script, the big man took us by surprise and send the respective PSCU heads into early and unnecessary inflation.

But facts are stubborn. The fact of the matter is that the 2017, 2022, 2027 and 2032 votes have been locked in one basket and the double keys are in the pockets of the dynamic duo. Not a single vote can afford to slip out and the pockets are tamper-proof.

As a matter of fact, the ‘dynamic duo’ walks around with these votes on their pockets to minimize the risk of losing them to political burglars.

Again, the rest- including an inordinate chatter by nondescript Senator- are lullaby to the Jubilee behemoth. For Jubilee, every factor of life is constant until 2032. The “tyranny of numbers” theory has insured against attrition, God’s will and any possible sudden implosion of people’s conscience. Every little thing! In the meantime, the other three musketeers, in their amorphous CORD arrangement, can continue to burn their tired feet in asphalt for all we care. They can rant until their mouths ran dry. They can demonstrate until cows come home. The wind is southerly. I am but mad north-north-west!

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