A drunk was beaten up at a funeral in Sango Rota village in Nyakach, Kisumu County for disturbing the dead. The unidentified man swaggered into a friend’s funeral and turned himself into a nuisance by clowning around with the casket. In his clownish antics, he dropped down the corpse after the casket flung-opened, at the chagrin of mourners who didn’t hesitate to express their fury.

What was a solemn farewell quickly spiraled out of control and turned into a full-fledged combat, with angry mourners reining kicks and blows on the annoying drunk.

The drunk had clumsily opened the casket in a bid to give his deceased friend final respects in style, causing the corpse to fall down.

The casket had been laid outside the deceased’s house for a night of viewing, immediately after it was brought from the mortuary. The home was a beehive of activity with friends and relatives mourning by wailing as it happens at all funerals among Luos.

The man who claimed the deceased had been his drinking-mate arrived later when the rest were now eulogizing the dead. He staggered all over the place, telling mourners who cared to listen how close he was with the deceased.

When he was done, he went to stand next to the casket and began shouting to no one in particular about how his friendship with the deceased had been untimely cut short by the Grim Ripper.

He then turned to the deceased and began wailing: “Onyango osiepa, bende iparo ndalo waa machon? Koro ng’ama biro ting’a katera ee ot kamer sidang’ ma okanyal wuotho (my good friend Onyango, do you remember our good old days? Who will be taking me home when I am too drunk to walk, now that you are dead?)”

Furious mourners

He went on and on, pulling all sorts of antics, some of which began annoying the mourners. At some point, he grabbed the portrait to the deceased and began staring at it as he mumbled incoherently.

Once he was done speaking to the portrait, he banged it on the casket saying: “Is this you? No way! This guy in the casket cannot be you. My friend, you can’t be dead. Stop joking.”

He pushed the joke a bit far by inelegantly opening the casket and making as if to hug and confirm that indeed the deceased was not breathing. In the process, he fumbled and the body came tumbling on the ground with a thud to the annoyance of the bereaved and other mourners.

Furious mourners expressed their anger rather robustly, with some ruthlessly unleashing terror on the poor drunk. He was frog marched and locked into a room that houses livestock for the better part of the day till he sobered up. His plea for forgiveness fell in deaf ears as he was sent away and asked not to be seen around till the burial was over.