Singer KRG
Singer KRG              Photo: Courtesy

Pulse: With all the posh rides and the wealth you are said to control, can we conclude that you are the richest young celeb in town?
KRG: I don’t know yet.

P: Would you say you are well-off?
KRG: Well, maybe... I don’t focus on what other people own. I am comfortable with what I have so I guess it’s for the world to judge.

P: How much are you worth, approximately?
KRG: I don’t know yet because I haven’t put that into serious thought yet. I can’t quote a figure - I have to confirm.

P: Would you classify yourself as a millionaire?
KRG: I can’t say I am a millionaire. Maybe a billionaire, because of the land I own. The cars I have could be the equivalent of millions in value.

P: You drove to our offices in a Chrysler; is it yours?
KRG: (Laughs) I own all the cars I have including that Chrysler 300C, which is a 2008 model. It’s not as expensive as people think. In total, I have about six cars that I drive including the Land Cruiser VX V8, the 2014 model, which is the most expensive in my collection.

P: Does that mean you come from a rich family?
KRG: I wouldn’t say rich because it means a lot. Even the president doesn’t say he is rich. We’re comfortable. My family saw the potential in me and they invested.

P: So, how would you explain your wealth?
KRG: My money comes from business. I am into construction. I have a company called Kilions Group that builds roads and buildings together with my partner. I also have a tours and travel business called Taraja Safaris where we do ticketing, safaris and car hire. I also have a transport business under Wallstreet Corporation that runs the business of commercial lorries like trailers and tippers. I have other investments too.

P: With that, why do music?
KRG: I love music and have a passion for it. I started when I was 16 so it’s something I’ve always wanted. I also love to deejay, which I have trained for.

P: How many songs have you recorded so far?
KRG: I just started this year but I have seven dancehall and hip-hop/dancehall tracks that were produced at G Hood Records and mastered at Herbal Records sometime ago. I also have a new studio that offers audio and visual recording services. It is called Fast Cash Music Group. That is where I will be recording my music.

P: You love dancehall music...
KRG: Well, I can’t really say I am dancehall artiste. I just sing what I feel and music gives me the platform to express myself. I am versatile but I want to do dancehall at the moment because that’s what I feel now.

P: Your new collabo with Jiggy, Wine & Drop, is quite the club-banger. Are collabos your thing?
KRG: I have done all my seven songs with Jiggy because he’s very good. At the moment I am planning to collabo with Burna Boy. We have already talked and we are in the planning process. Also in the works is a collabo with Jamaican artiste Dolly Difference.

P: What do your parents feel about your music career?
KRG: My dad supports it. My mum loves it but she doesn’t like the music.

P: Are you in a relationship?
KRG: I’ll keep that private... until I ask my partner if I can comment.

P: How much do you spend on a weekend?
KRG: I don’t drink so it depends on what I am spending on.

P: Lastly, what is the most expensive thing you currently own?
KRG: I have several properties but I would say my land in Naivasha.