Elderly Ugandans kneel before Museveni for hand-outs, the internet reacts

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By William Osoro | 1 year ago
An elderly man is seen kneeling before President Yoweri Museveni for a handout.

President Yoweri Museveni has been criticized after an undated video of elderly Ugandans kneeling before him for hand-outs emerged.

In the video shared by Museveni’s former doctor-turned critique Kiza Besigye, the president is seen seated as an old man kneels before him.

As the crowd of onlookers sing, the elderly man is seen clapping his hands before being handed a brown envelope by Museveni.

Afterwards, the man slowly rises to his feet as two more elderly people are ushered before Museveni’s presence. As the elderly woman proceeds to kneel, the man on the other hand, seems to have problems following suit, perhaps due to his advanced age.

A man dressed in military regalia then hands over more brown envelopes to the president who then bestows them on to the duo.

Museveni hands over an envelope to a kneeling elderly woman.

The video has been met with harsh criticism, with netizens wondering how this could be happening in 2020.  

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In a tweet, Besigye slammed Museveni for the ‘humiliation’ caused to Ugandans, reiterating his stance that the 75-year-old, who has ruled Uganda for 34 years should be ousted come the 2021 General Elections.

After 34 yrs of NRM/M7 Junta, this is what our people have been reduced to:
Kneeling before Ssabagabe(“King of Kings”) in a line to get a small handout in brown envelop!

We must end this humiliation now. That’s why...#Art3#Twerwaneko#M7mustGopic.twitter.com/NxgPNmYUwb — Kifefe Kizza-Besigye (@kizzabesigye1) January 7, 2020

The elderly cannot kneel before anyone except God. This is bad for museveni. — Mr_Ambani (@Ambani_Ambani) January 7, 2020

This when people DO NOT realize that they have the power to have better leadership! #Shame — DAtundo Atundo (@Twashelilly) January 7, 2020

When the people have been brainwashed with the "leaders come from God" nonsense, then such scenes are no surprise. Africa(ns) must get above this. — Ben Kairu (@bkairu5) January 7, 2020

I wish Twitter should have two different icons for like and dislike- becoz some images are very irritating and disgusting. — Abdisalam Yarow (Kunkaal) (@kunkaalYarow) January 7, 2020

???????? in 2020 people kneeling before politicians for handouts...is this for real?? — Mnie (@mni_nodada) January 7, 2020

Bobi Wine’s arrest, release

Bobi Wine announced last year he would challenge President Yoweri Museveni in the 2021 elections. Photo: Getty Images.

The video’s emergence comes at a time when the opposition has grown bolder in their calls for Museveni to vacate the presidency and pave way for a new leader. Calls for Museveni’s exit have been met with arrests, claims of torture and excessive use of force by the police.

In the most recent incident on January 6, popular musician-turned-politician Bobi Wine, who has had several run-ins with security forces over his 2021 presidential bid was arrested by police who fired teargas to disperse his supporters.

Bobi Wine, who was seeking to kick off public meetings before the General Elections was detained at Nagalama Police Station in Central Uganda before being released later that night.

Speaking to AFP, Uganda’s police spokesman Fred Enanga confirmed that Bobi Wine and members of his entourage had been arrested.

"We are temporarily holding them in our police station in Kasangati. We shall have to release them at some later stage but we are looking at charges of holding an unlawful assembly and disobedience of lawful orders," Enanga said.

“As usual, these cowards have released us in the deep of the night. These illegal injustices only make us stronger, but most importantly reveal to us how scared the regime is of We The People.

“Stronger. Thank you all for standing. Aluta continua,” a relentless Bobi Wine wrote following his release. Would you kneel before a politician?

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