Chinese company of employee in racial slur apologises to Kenyans

Chinese national Liu Jiaqi arrested for making racist remarks.
The company that employed the Chinese man caught on video last week calling Kenyans monkeys has apologised.

In a Press statement sent to newsrooms on Monday, Sonlink Company, through its Chief Executive Officer Troy Guo, confirmed that the video of Liu Jiagi (pictured), which made rounds on the social and mainstream media, reached their offices in June before it leaked to the public last week.

Guo said internal disciplinary measures were taken against Jiagi.

Written apology

“Among several disciplinary and reform solutions that were adopted was that Liu Jiaqi issued both personal and public written apology to all Kenyan staff in our work station. Further we held a reconciliation party to rejuvenate the otherwise smooth working relationship between our Chinese and Kenyan workers,” said Guo.

The employee was arrested and later deported to China after his work permit was cancelled.

Guo said the firm always strove to foster harmonious relationship among its staff no matter their race or colour.

“To this end, Sonlink Limited wishes to sincerely apologise to Kenyan people for the utterances in the video clip. We still esteem that those words are completely unacceptable to anyone. We further state that the utterances mentioned above were private and personal of Liu Jiaqi and they do not in any way reflect the position of the company,” he said.

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