Man digs grave with intention of burying father alive

Residents of Virembe Village in Shinyalu sub-county, Kakamega County are reeling in shock after a 45- year-old man allegedly dug a grave after a disagreement with his father.

 Mukonga Lijodi is said to have lost his cool after learning that his family had uprooted trees he had planted on their farm.

The father, Lijodi Shisundi, said his son threatened to kill him.

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“My son told me: 'I want to cut you into pieces and put you in a sack.' I thought he was joking but he went ahead and dug a 10 feet grave beside my late wife's,” Mr Shisundi said.

Neighbours  wooould  advise him to leave the area.

“My neighbours advised me to seek refuge elsewhere since the suspect [sic] was bitter and wanted to revenge by burying me alive.  He further claimed that I have ganged up with his brothers to cut trees he had planted on the land that we usually graze cattle,” he said.

He added “My son want to kill me because I have refused to transfer the parcel of land he demanded under his name. Police should investigate and provide security since I fear my life and of his brothers' is in danger.”

A neighbour, Andanje Shikokoti said the act is shocking and wants the suspect charged.

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Scared relatives are now calling on the police to arrest Lijodi.

Lijodi is said to have cut down trees and destroyed a vehicle belonging to his brother accusing him of collaborating with his father to ruin him by uprooting trees he (Lijodi) had planted on the farm.

Said  Shikokoti: “Our culture prohibits digging a grave before someone dies or burying someone you are not related to” adding that elders will be forced  to have a cleansing ceremony that usually involves planting a banana stalk in the grave. In case there was a burial, then the victim has to be exhumed before their own is buried.

Confirming the incident, Shinyalu OCPD, Robert Makau said the case was reported as that of assault.

“The suspect has been taken to court for assault. They should report the threatening bit for police to investigate and take action against the suspect,” Mr Makau.

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