A stable Somalia key for regional peace
  Comments - 2 weeks ago

The third London Conference on Somalia gets underway today in the UK capital, with the main focus being making Somalia a much better place, in terms of security

Plan ahead to ensure there's peace before and after August elections
  Comments - 3 weeks ago

It takes one careless statement to ignite a country, yet that is the last thing Kenyans want, especially now that the country is on course for greater development and when the international community has identified Kenya as an investment destination of choice.

Work to improve Kenya's poor human development record
  Comments - 3 weeks ago

The United Nations (UN) 2017 Human Development Index (HDI) report says Kenya, the biggest economy in the region, is creating far less jobs than it ought to.

Freedom of press day: A time for sober reflection
  Comments - 3 weeks ago

The traditional media in Kenya is facing an enemy far greater than the clampdown made common in the days of Mwakenya publications.

Youth should practice responsible betting
  Comments - 3 weeks ago

Unbelievable, but true. SportPesa's Sh220 million jackpot was won by one Samuel Abisai over the weekend after predicting 17 entries correctly.

Improve remuneration and work environment for the Kenyan worker
  Comments - 4 weeks ago

As we mark Labour day, it is important to ask ourselves whether we have achieved economic development as a working nation and whether the Kenyan workers get adequate remuneration for their work.

Sensitize public on importance of vaccines
  Comments - 4 weeks ago

Immunisation is one of the surest ways of keeping some of the killer diseases at bay, yet statistics show at least 400,000 children miss out on the life-saving vaccines.

Elect trust worthy officials to clean up Olympic committee
  Comments - 4 weeks ago

The May 5 elections provide the NOCK Electoral College with the opportunity to start from a clean slate. Delegates have the opportunity to rid the committee of members who have brought NOCK into disrepute. From the lists of candidates who have submitted their names for re-election, a number are facing criminal charges.

Stop the violence and inculcate democratic values ahead of polls
  Comments - 1 month ago

Positive political culture is the collective mental maturity to accept defeat gracefully and move on without tearing the country apart. It is also the ability to conduct political business gracefully without disrupting economic and social rhythms.

Candidates are now known, articulate your visions for Kenya
  Comments - 1 month ago

Finally, the anxiety and long wait for supporters of the National Super Alliance (NASA) to know their presidential flag bearer in the August 8, 2017 General Election is over.

Losers should accept defeat and move on
  Comments - 1 month ago

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo led the way after conceding defeat to his challenger Ferdinand Waititu long before the final count was in. He chose not to challenge the outcome.

Service delivery lessons for leaders from ongoing party primaries
  Comments - 1 month ago

The Jubilee Party recovered from the chaotic start to its nominations to attain a semblance of order although a few incidents have been reported.

Enforce traffic laws to curb road accidents
  Comments - 1 month ago

While accidents are not confined to happening at night, a bigger percentage of tragic accidents reported in Kenya in the past few months have occurred at night.

Do party nominations point to chaotic August elections?
  Comments - 1 month ago

?The chaos we are seeing now is a show of love for the political parties that we have. We in Jubilee are witnessing an unprecedented scenario that we didn’t anticipate.