Meet epileptic lady who after losing her job three times decided to create awareness on epilepsy

Vallent Adhiambo is an epileptic lady who after losing her job three times has been focusing on helping epileptic people gain courage to get out and get correct treatment. She has been giving them emotional, psychological and a little bit of financial support to them. People living with the condition have most often feared to let their condition know or feared to seek medication because of the stigma that comes with it. But for Adhiambo, speaking about her condition and creating awareness to let people living with the condition know that they can live just like any other person and teaching the community to accept people living with epilepsy has been her major task. She started a CBO named Geno (hope) Epilepsy Awareness foundation and use all the time she has to give hope to epileptic people and educate the community around her about the condition and how to deal with and treat epileptics. She has now partnered with a clinic at Kanga area, Rongo Sub-County in Migori county (Medians clinic) which has now provided the epileptic people with a nearer place where they can get special attention every last Thursday of the month.