Chaos rock Macalder mines as two factions of artisanal gold miners clash in Migori

Chaos rock Macalder Mines in Nyatike after two factions of artisanal miners clashed over ongoing mining exploration in the region.

One rival group had organized a peaceful demonstration to protest the influx of foreigners and tycoons whom they have accused of reaping from the gaping death traps. The peaceful demonstration, however, turned chaotic when the protestors were attacked by their colleagues who have been in support of the ongoing excavations at the mineral-rich macalder mines. T

he demonstrators were roughed up and they had to scamper for safety as they had been overpowered. Environment and Lands Court in Migori in 2019 had suspended mining operations at the macalder mines an order for the restoration of the suit land for the sake of environmental preservation.