DCI Boss George Kinoti showcases his shooting skills, Kenyans react

A video of DCI boss George Kinoti demonstrating his shooting skills has got Kenyans talking.

Kinoti was at the Anti-Stock Theft Unit (ASTU) training school on Wednesday to superintend the special training being offered to the newly recruited officers to the DCI and took a gun to showcase his skills.?

He hit the target in all his attempts but netizens poked holes in the matter saying he was too close.

“At 1 meter away? Skill is an exaggeration.”

“From that range who would miss.”

“Only those who have ever been to range should comment about the range distance.”

“Start shooting the corruption... Let these skills not go in vain.”

“Ako karibu Sana, tell him to move a couple paces back.”

“How i wish for kinoti to be shooting the cartels like this...but this can be indirect message to the corruption cartels that their time is coming to end.”

“Can't comment you will be summoned tomorrow useme ulijulia ku shoot wapi na bunduki iko wapi?”