Celebrating International Mother Language Day: Meet Hellen Mtawali who speaks 16 languages

Today, 21st of February, the world is marking the international Mother language Day (IMLD). This is a day set aside by UNESCO to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity.

This day was set aside to appreciate and protect all mother tongues, which in turn helps people all over the world to appreciate the beauty of multiculturalism as well as our cultural traditions.

Early February, renowned Kenyan author Professor Ngugi wa Thiong’o asked the Government to make learning of vernacular a policy and an added advantage for employment in the civil service.

“Government policy matters. Make African languages matter in real life. It should go all the way to secondary schools, universities and even the civil service,” he proposed.

We had a one on one with Former Tusker Project Fame reality show judge Hellen Mtawali, who is privileged to have learned 16 different languages on this day.

Here is what she had to say about this day.