Meet man who helps Nairobi motorists avoid traffic at Sh100

Traffic in Nairobi is so bad that most road users have accepted it. Depending on where you live, if you want to get to the Central Business District (CBD) by 8am, you need to live the house at around 6.30am.

This mostly applies to residents of Nairobi’s Eastlands area (Umoja, Buruburu, Donholm, Komarock).

Well, one Kenyan only identified as Mwangi, devised a way to help matatu drivers beat the morning traffic and maximize on sales.

He usually operates in Eastleigh and has a number of men on the ground who constantly update him on the status of traffic.

At a fee of Sh100 per vehicle, Mwangi helps to guide drivers in the morning by giving them a heads-up on the least congested route which saves them lots of time.

During a recent TV interview, Mwangi revealed that over 30 vehicles (both public and private) seek his services and he is always available to help.

Oliver Odhiambo, a driver working for one of the matatu Saccos in Nairobi’s Umoja Estate, explained that he sought Mwangi’s services due to his availability and good track record.

“Initially I would make six trips by midday but since I started engaging Mwangi, I make eight trips by noon.

“Since we make Sh2600 per trip, it means that due to his services we make an extra Sh5200,” he said.

Most vehicles that follow Jogoo Road to town spend almost an hour in traffic but drivers who contact Mwangi’s men often get to town in just under half an hour.