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Five characteristics of a woman considered ‘Wife material’
By George Achoka | Updated May 16, 2018 at 12:23 EAT
Husband and wife
  • There are many ways to know if the lady you are dating or pursuing is wife material
  • Most women even go to the internet and google 'how to become a wife material'

One of my friends keeps asking me what she ought to do to attract and land a good man. Below are the recommendations for her and all the girls who’ve been engaging Google on “how to become a wife material.

”Can you prepare delicious meals?

Traditionally, girls are believed to be the best cooks. Don’t be the type of girl that grows up depending on their house help for everything. Approach that house help and let them teach you how they make such delicacies because you’ll soon relocate to your own house; or are you planning to move with that mboch to your house?

Learn how to do these small light chores by yourself.

Don’t be the hug maniac. Your man knows you are the hottest thing in town, at least that’s why he creates time to hang out with you and to take you out. It, however, sucks to walk with a girlfriend who jumps on every man in the street and clasp them so tightly in her arms.Though I know you might be doing this to show him how sociable you are; and to show him the many ‘uncles’, classmates and workmates that you are blessed with. I know I’m just here to save your relationship. Don’t embrace every man in town in your man’s company.

Do you binge drink? Clubbing is good, no one refutes that. I’m told it sheds off one’s stress. Note though that no man, not even the drunken village chap will want to get hitched to a woman who drinks heavily. A single glass of cocktail is enough for a wife material. We also know that you are perfect for smoking shisha and weed! However, for your future spouse’s sake, condense your drug consumption. Check your circle! It’s rare to spot a leopard in a herd of lions.

The girls you hang around with tell us all about your character. We always assume that good girls walk with other good girls. And because men want good spouses, they’ll always scout for them from their good girl-friends. So girl, keep the right friends if you ever wish to tie the knot. Just be beautiful. I’m not instructing you to enhance your booty or whatever it is that you girls do to magnify your bottoms. Neither will I tell you to look like a scarecrow in the name of slimming.

Just maintain yourself -- keep yourself fit and decent, and stand out from your friends. Attend to your hair, I mean your hair is too big a deal to neglect. Don’t be a ‘follower’ in the relationship. This is different from being submissive.

Many men won’t settle for a nod wizard. Men are not gods that they’ll ever be right. Your (wives’) views are hence very crucial in the decisions we make. Nodding in agreement to everything a man suggests, or saying “okay” reduces you to nothing other than a slave; because it’s only slaves who follow whatever they are told.

Speaking out your views makes you the woman of the house, and that’s what a man rejoices in.Are you oblivious? Be informed and follow what’s happening and trending. What stories will we make in the house if the only thing you can talk about is how your parents used to love you before I snatched you?

Make an effort to know bits of things, like what’s trending in sports, music, movies, et al. With that, we can never lack something to talk about.

Can you challenge your man? A significant number of men I’ve interacted with say, “I want a woman who will always challenge me to pursue my goals”.

Be the woman who will always influence and challenge your hubby to climb up his career ladder. That’s the woman all men are scouting around for.

Something about religion, we were brought up believing that religious girls make the best wives. It’s no wonder many relationships are initiated in religious functions such as keshas, and crusades and during Bible studies and choir meetings after church; needless to mention that a pious girl stands better chances of being scooped by men. Are you the melancholic one? “All I want is a comic wife, the rest can follow.”

Paul from Kenyatta University says. Paul is a media student. Jovial is the term he uses to describe a good wife. To him, that rib-cracking moment each morning is enough to brighten his days. He adds that a cheery woman is easy to control than the gloomy one.

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