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Siku ya Mwizi: ‘Bewitched’ car stealers fail to complete the mission – Strip naked and bath in mud instead
By Ureport | Updated Sep 06, 2017 at 14:12 EAT
Two men rolled in mud around the car

Mombasa residents were shocked to see two men, one with a snake on his neck, rolling in mud around a car

It is believed that the two stole a car but were bewitched by the owner

There was drama in Mombasa after two men believed to have stolen a car went crazy, stripping naked and dancing around the car they had stolen.

It is strongly believed that the two thieves were bewitched by the owner of the car, making them bath on pools of mud naked.

Perhaps what fascinated and confused people more was that one was holding a snake on his neck while bathing in mud.

Crowds gathered around and tried to talk to the two men but to no avail.

Police officers arrested the two and are currently holding them at Bamburi Police Station – as investigations and searching for the car owner continues.

Only the car owner is believed to be able to break the spell.

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