Five health benefits of eating ‘sukuma wiki'

By David Rakewa | Thursday, Jun 4th 2020 at 08:27
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 Kales popularly known as 'Sukuma Wiki' is the most affordable green vegetable to most Kenyans. You probably consume it at least twice a week and these are some of the benefits it has to your health. 

Night vision

''Sukuma Wiki' contains high amounts of Vitamin A which strengthens the eye and boosts night vision. It also contains vitamin C which is vital for the body cells repair and skin smoothening. 


'Sukuma wiki' is a fibrous food. It contains fibers which aid in digestion and lowers the cholesterol levels in the body. Kales pick up cholesterol from the guts and push them down to where they are eliminated. 

Immune system

'Sukuma wiki' has iron, a mineral responsible for blood formation and oxygen holding hence boosts the immune system by fighting viruses and bacteria. It helps more oxygen get to your blood and greatly helps those who are anemic.

Blood sugar

The fiber in 'Sukuma wiki' not only aids in digestion and cholesterol-lowering, but also keeps the liver healthy and maintains ideal blood sugar hence aiding in weight loss or rather weight maintenance. 

Bone formation

Kales contain high calcium level hence vital in bone formation and strengthening. Vitamin C in kales also aid in cartilage and joint flexibility. 

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