Ten safe and quick DIY cleaning tips at home

By Fay Ngina | Monday, Jun 1st 2020 at 10:54
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Most people avoid cleaning because of how tiresome it come be. From scrubbing surfaces to washing dishes, cleaning is no one’s piece of cake.

Thinking about it alone is enough to give one a headache. It gets worse when one has to go an extra mile to get rid of accumulated dirt, especially dishes on the sink.

With time, there have emerged shelves of cleaning products in the market, all promising to make things easier. However, cleaning can be made easy with some do it yourself (DIY) tips.

Kitchen sponge

A kitchen sponge is regularly used to clean utensils and ever countertops once you are done with the dishes. In 2017, a study published in the Scientific Report showed that using a kitchen sponge might spread microbacteria in your home. To avoid this, place a dump kitchen sponge in a microwave for 90 seconds in full heat, to reduce to the amount of bacteria.

Stained microwave

When you use a microwave, there are food particles that get stuck on the sides. To clean this, microwave a bowl of water with squeezed lemon for five minutes, and watch as the steam loosens the caked-on foods. Instead of scrubbing the interior of your microwave, wipe the loosened dirt away.

Water stains on glasses

Vinegar is one of the most used ingredients when cleaning stains. For the water stains on glasses, mix equal amount of vinegar and water, apply on the water stains, let it sit for about 20 minutes then use a toothbrush to remove the scum and rinse.

Scratched plates

When cleaning utensils, you might scratch your plates at one point using a fork or knife. To unscratch these marks, simply mix water and baking powder, apply and rub it on the scratched areas, then rinse off.

Stained taps and faucets

Water spots are a nuisance on taps. Attempting to scrub them off will only damage the surface of your taps. Instead, rub them off with vinegar.

Cleaning a blender

After you are done making your juice or grinding your vegetables, it’s important to clean your blender. This can easily be done by putting some warm water in the blender, add baking soda and cleaning soap, blend it for a while and rinse off with water.

Bathroom tiles

The spaces between your bathroom tiles darken with time since the usual cleaning procedure doesn’t reach them. Use water, baking soda and an old toothbrush to scrub them clean.

Wooden chopping board

For those who use a wooden board to cut their veggies, cleaning it be sometimes be difficult compared to a plastic board. For easy cleaning, simple rub some lemon and salt on it. Let the mix sit on the chopping board for a few minutes before rising off.

Cleaning windows and mirrors

Cleaning glass windows and mirrors can be tedious at times. You put all your resources in cleaning in and when you you’re done, there are streaks of soap and lint on it. A piece of old newspaper will do the trick: you just have to crumple it, spray your normal soap and shine your glass.

Smelly shoes

For some shoes, no amount of cleaning gets them rid of bad smell. Sprinkle some baking soda in the shoes to keep them smelling fresh, and then when you’re ready to wear them again, just tap it out outside.


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