I will not take up positions at the expense of colleagues humiliated for no reason — Murkomen

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, May 27th 2020 at 07:42
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Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen on Tuesday said he will not serve in the Senate Devolution Committee after a raft of changes were made by the Jubilee Party.

Murkomen said taking up the position would be similar to repaying loyalty with treachery.

“This afternoon I learnt from the media that I have been proposed to serve in the Senate Devolution Committee in effect replacing Senator Kinyua who is being punished for standing with me.

“Accepting the position will be tantamount to repaying unstinting loyalty with spite and treachery,” he said.

He also reflected at his tenure as majority leader saying he ensured leadership was distributed fairly.

“As a Majority Leader I chose not to serve in any committee and I ensured that committee membership and leadership was distributed fairly among my colleagues.

“I condemn the unwarranted humiliation of Senators Linturi, Kinyua, Langat and Cherargei merely because they stood by the truth and fairness,” he remarked.

Murkomen, however, stated that he is ready to serve the nation in any capacity but would never take up positions at the expense of colleagues ‘who are being humiliated for no apparent reason.’

His sentiments were echoed by Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei who called for fairness in the party, accusing the leadership of selective application of punishment.

“I do not mind being removed from JLAC. I will now be able to concentrate on affairs of my county…If you want to promote party discipline, start with those who campaigned against the Jubilee candidate in Kibra...

“I reject in totality being made a member of the Powers and Privileges committee. I am not interested…These are things being done to us by those who find it convenient,” asserted Cherargei.

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