Ruto’s message to mum on mother’s day

By Fay Ngina | Sunday, May 10th 2020 at 11:20
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As people all around the world observe Mother’s Day today, Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto took to his social media to celebrate his mum.

Though his Twitter account, DP Ruto posted a picture of him and his mum and accompanied it with a sweet message.

“Dear Mom, You are a special gift to me. You will always have a special place in my heart. Through you, allow me to pay special tribute to our mothers on this special Mother's Day,” wrote Ruto.

The Deputy President not only paid a tribute to his mother, but also went ahead and praised women for the hardwork they put in raising children.

“We are incredibly blessed to have women who have raised us, loved us and empowered us; we are immensely indebted to our mothers for shepherding us throughout our life and for their big hearts that continue to sustain us, “he added.

Ruto’s mother, Sarah Cheruiyot Samoei, is rarely on the limelight. While speaking to the Standard a few years ago said that the relationship between him and his son has never changed despite the DP’s achievements.

She narrated how she raised him and five other families in a strict Christian way, hence the DP’s stand on Christianity and helping the church.

While speaking to the Standard in 2010, Ruto said her mother inspired him and his siblings to work hard in school adding that she knew so much without formal education.

"Despite the fact that my mother did not get any formal education, she knows the words and pages of every song in the hymn book.

"The fact that she knows so much without formal education inspired us to do our best in school. I am who I am today because of her," said Ruto.

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