Kenyan who survived Coronavirus in New York narrates his experience, including the hallucinations he got

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Apr 30th 2020 at 14:13
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Ole Pertet, a Kenyan who has been living in New York for almost 40 years, on Wednesday narrated his battle with Coronavirus saying he is thankful to God that he is alive.

During an interview on JKL, he said that he had organized a party with friends but when it was time to eat he suddenly lost appetite, something that was very unusual.

“I went to bed and my temperature kept going up. A couple of days later it got really bad so my daughter called the ambulance.

“I ended up at Bellevue Hospital and even before the test results were out, the doctor told me I had shown all the symptoms of Coronavirus,” he narrated.

Ole Pertet was then admitted at the hospital but three days later a doctor told him he had to go home.

He wondered why he was being discharged yet he was still unwell.

“Are you sending me home to die?” he asked, adding that he is still following up on why he was discharged.

“I was walking like a zombie. This thing affects your mind…but I managed to get home. I went straight to bed, I had no energy,” he said.

His daughter again called an ambulance and he was taken to another hospital.

This time he was quickly put on hydroxychloroquine and zumax. He was also put on oxygen.

“I was halfway dead…after five days my temperature was still spiking. I kept falling in and out of life [sic].

“I must have crossed over to the other side. There was a lot of reggae…I met Bob Marley…we had fun,” he narrated.

A couple of his friends died and he was afraid that he would be the next one on the line but his temperature soon stabilized and he maintained his oxygen levels.

He was allowed to go home but had to self-quarantine. Ole Pertet is now okay and has warned Kenyans not to take the measures given by the Ministry of Health lightly.

“This disease is killing people…Covid-19 is a disease that is serious. It is killing people. Listen to what the government is telling you,” he said.

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