Coronavirus in Kenya might last until October if we do not take it seriously — Infectious Disease expert

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Apr 8th 2020 at 15:35
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Dr Loice Ombajo, head of the Infectious Disease Unit at the Kenyatta National Hospital, has warned that Coronavirus might cause disruptions in the country until October if Kenyans do not observe the measures that have been issued.

Speaking during a TV interview on Tuesday, Ombajo said Kenyans should try to stay home and ensure they maintain social distancing.

She also warned that a casual approach would result in numerous deaths and an increase in the number of infections which would in turn overstretch the healthcare system.

"If we do not stay home, if we do not follow the directives that we have been given, then we are going to be in this for a long time.

“Worst case scenario could possibly be towards September or October," she said.

Further, she warned that Kenyans should get accustomed to wearing face masks whenever they are in public spaces saying they are not ornaments to be worn around the neck.

"A mask should cover the bridge of the nose and your chin at the same time...Additionally, wearing a mask does not exclude one from observing other hygiene measures such as washing your hands.

“Handle the mask in such a way that you do not contaminate it," she said.  

On Tuesday, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe announced that tougher measures will be imposed to contain further spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

While emphasizing the President’s directive regarding cessation of movement, Kagwe insisted that Kenyans must wear masks when going to a market or the supermarket.

"The restriction is obviously going to be accompanied with other measures for example, in markets we have announced and we keep telling people that when you are going to a market or a supermarket, you do know the rules regarding supermarkets,” said Kagwe.

He also warned that supermarkets found allowing customers to shop without masks risked closure.

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