Kenyans angered by Dennis Itumbi’s tweet to Raila Junior concerning sister’s health

By Fay Ngina | Tuesday, Mar 24th 2020 at 13:51
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Former Director of Digital Communication at the Presidential Service Unit (PSU) Dennis Itumbi’s tweet to Raila Junior concerning his sister’s health, seems to have fired back.

Itumbi took to his twitter and wished a quick recovery to the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s daughter, adding that she will be in his prayers.

“@Railajunior pass my quick recovery wishes to Siz. She will be in my prayers. May God stretch His healing hand on her,” tweeted Itumbi.

Despite him wishing Raila’s daughter a quick recovery, Itumbi’s message was not taken well by a majority of Kenyans.

When one Twitter user asked if it was Coronavirus, Itumbi responded saying it’s normal sickness.

“It is normal sickness, like you and me can get sick,” said Itumbi.

A section of Kenyans who were angered by Itumbi’s tweet, expressed their views with most of them saying that he should have communicated the message in a different way.

Some were of the opinion that Itumbi should have even sent a message directly to Raila Junior.

Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba says, “Ndugu: you didn't need to use a microphone for this. Take the damn phone and call  @Railajunior. The timing is misleading because someone may have normal sickness but easier for a 3rd party reading this now to think abt #coronavirusinKenya , which is not the case. Ama namna gani?”

His sentiments were echoed by Aidid Mohamed who says, “A kind way of broadcasting to world that baba's daughter is sick, which can be an ordinary sickness but your timing meant for people to speculate coronavirus.”

Awino Nyaresme says,” Itumbi there was a better way to convey your goodwill message to Junior. You don't have to tweet anything for cheap publicity. This is wrong in many ways, delete.”

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