Coronavirus: Mother sympathizes with Kenyans as son among those in JKIA chaos

By Tracy Thomas | Tuesday, Mar 24th 2020 at 10:59
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My son was one of many unfortunates arriving into the chaos of Jomo Kenyatta Airport this morning.

Let me establish first and foremost that I agree absolutely with the government action in response to the Corona-virus.

However, even though these are returning citizens and residents, they are accorded absolutely no empathy, and are in fact further endangered by the response at the airport.

Left for three hours before the immigration desk even opened, no water in sight, herded onto a crowded bus and then shunted to a five star hotel in Westlands where they are again made to wait hours and hours for a room to be allocated to them.

Luckily for my son he is young and well, I cannot imagine the impact this is having on the old or infirm.

He has had more contact with people in the last eight hours since he arrived in Kenya than in the previous weeks in the UK.

Surely this is not the way to deal with people coming home - come on Kenya.

Currently at JKIA .. I have been stuck here since 4pm with no direction! #COVID19 — Kaluhi Anzigale (@anzigalek) March 23, 2020 [removed][removed]

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