Raila tells Kenyans to avoid handshakes in wake of Coronavirus

By Vincent Kejitan | Friday, Mar 13th 2020 at 15:48
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ODM Party leader Raila Odinga on Friday spoke after Kenya confirmed its first case of the Coronavirus.

Through a statement to newsrooms, Odinga lauded the government for coming clean on the matter saying disclosure of such information indicates a clear plan by the government to combat the virus.

“We are pleased with the whole-of-government approach to handling the threat and protecting the health of Kenyans.

“As a country, we are in this together and we appeal to our citizens not to panic but instead, cooperate with the government which has factual and science-based advice on how we must proceed,” he said.

He also spoke on the suspension of several social activities saying although they will cause disruptions, Kenyans must adhere.

“I urge all relevant ministries to continue to provide clear scientific and medical information as is possible so that our people can be guided by science and not rumours that will cause unnecessary panic.

“Let us keep reminding ourselves to do basic things that will make all the difference. Let us remember to wash our hands and avoid shaking hands,” he said.

The Ministry of Health on Friday notified Kenyans that most people who will be infected with Coronavirus may experience mild illness but will recover quickly.

Through a statement to newsrooms, the Ministry, however, stated that the disease can be more severe among the elderly and those who notice symptoms should self-quarantine and get in touch with health officials immediately.

“Kenyans are reminded that most people who become infected may experience only mild illness and recover easily, but the disease can be more severe in others, especially the elderly and persons with other chronic illnesses,” read the statement in part.

This comes after the Ministry confirmed a Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) case in Nairobi.

The case, which was confirmed on March 12, 2020, is the first one to be reported in Kenya since the beginning of the outbreak in China in December 2019.

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