The causes of 'missing marks' in Kenyan universities and possible solutions

By Etyang Isaac | Thursday, Mar 12th 2020 at 15:22
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About 90 percent of Kenyan universities have experienced the problem of missing marks. There have been a lot of complaints from the students every year prior to graduation. A large number of students fail to graduate as a result of missing marks. Consequently, the issue of the missing marks has contributed to 'strikes' in a number of universities in Kenya. 

I interacted with Mr Etyang Isaac, an Actuarial lecturer at Tom Mboya University college, and he listed some of the causes of missing mark issues and possible solutions.


1. Some students deliberately fail to sit for some of the examination papers.

2. Some students sit for exams, sign the attendance sheet, and fail to collect their exam booklets when they realize the exam is tough.

3. Some part-time lecturers fail to submit students' results due to delayed salary payments by the university.

4.System technical issues that result in losing marks.


Etyang suggested the following solutions.

1. Students who fail to sit for exams deliberately to face the university senate for disciplinary action.

2. Students who sit for exams and fail to collect the booklets to be suspended by the university once a thorough investigation is done and the said students are found guilty.

3. Part-time lectures to be paid on time after they have fully submitted the students' exam marks and have met all the conditions put therein by the corresponding university.

4. The administrative systems for students exam marks to be fully stabilized and checked regularly. Electronic backup system for raw marks to be put in place, especially for universities lacking it.


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