Isiolo family wants a school caretaker arrested over their son's assault

By Nzioka Justin | Monday, Mar 9th 2020 at 12:00
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A family from Isiolo County is crying for justice over their teen son, who was allegedly assaulted by the school's patron.

The family now wants the patron arrested and charged with the assault. The accused, Yunis Hussein, is tasked with caring for the pupils at Wamy Primary Boarding School.

He reportedly locked the boy inside a room, before he started beating him with a bucket handle. The teen allegedly failed to reveal a pupil who had sneaked an electronic device into the school.

The teen fled the school after the assault on Friday evening, with the parents rushing him to Isiolo Referral Hospital. The teen's family has already reported the incident to the police, and want the matter dealt with, and justice served.

"The school has until now not cared to know where the pupil is. We want action taken against the caretaker for causing pain and suffering to the young boy," Nuria Kalmoi, the teen's mother said.

Peace ambassador Mr. Hussein Billow stated that the caretaker's act was equivalent to children's rights violations. He added that stern measures should be taken against the accused to serve as an example.

"Police should move with speed to arrest the officer for making the boy go through such pain," stated Billow.

Ms. Mohamed Zeinab, the school's manager, said that the management would handle the matter, adding that if the accused committed the act, they knew better how to deal with him.

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